Società Azionaria Per l’Industria Chimica Italiana
Established in Italy in 1936, SAPICI is a leading company in high-performance polyurethanes for coating, packaging, adhesives, prepolymers, inks, and other applications. SAPICI specializes in prepolymers with very flexible capabilities to fit any kind of formulation request. SAPICI is one of the few companies capable of managing every kind of isocyanates: TDI, MDI, HDI, IPDI, H12MDI, XDI.


Performance Minerals, United States
A company with over 70-year experience in exploring, mining and processing fine and ultrafine kaolin clay. KaMin produces a wide variety of high-quality kaolin clay products for different applications, including paintings and coatings, printing inks, plastics, rubber and adhesives. KaMin products are sold worldwide and are recognized for their technical advantages, consistent high quality and reliable supplying.
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