Cleaning & Disinfection

“Based on Polyhexamethylene guanidine as an active ingredient, BIOPLAN and HYGISOFT disinfectant families are highly effective against a wide range of pathogens.”

Cleaning & Disinfection

Our environmentally friendly product range meets the cleaning and disinfection needs of different industries in compliance with quality standards in force.
Versatile, user-friendly products, effective at low concentrations, fast-acting and of low toxicity, an excellent alternative to traditional products.

BIOPLAN 250H: Effective product against viruses of the CORONAVIRIDAE family. Is a highly effective concentrated surface disinfectant which at low doses eliminates gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and fungi and inactivates viruses that cause disease, present in public and private health care establishments, industries, educational institutions, means of transport, offices, etc.

Contains no chlorine, alcohol, solvents, heavy metals, aldehydes and phenols. It is not corrosive to metals and does not damage or affect any treated material. The product is stable to ultraviolet light and temperature and pH changes.

BIOPLAN 250H solutions can be applied by rubbing, spraying, immersion and fogging, depending on the surface to be treated. It is not volatile once applied.


HYGISOFT SOAP IDS: Choosing the right soap and keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to prevent microorganisms from causing infections and diseases.

HYGISOFT SOAP IDS inactivates viruses, kills bacteria and fungi, hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

Authorized by ANMAT and SENASA, it can be used in industrial and commercial facilities, health centers and in establishments authorized by SENASA, away from food processing areas.

Our Products

– Liquid hand sanitizer – HYGISOFT SOAP IDS
– Multi-purpose disinfectant – BIOPLAN 250H, HYGISOFT V20 among others
– Cleaners – THYONER 14CL y THYONER 16
– Detergents – HYGISOFT N PLUS among others


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