Wood lazure: An ecological and natural option for the maintenance of wood

Although the construction industry and its materials have advanced a lot, wood remains the most versatile building material for construction. Renewable, ecological, warm and with multiple properties, it is one of the noblest materials offered by nature and, as a natural resource, man uses it in many sectors of our society. However, its exposure to all kinds of external agents, such as humidity and dryness from the sun’s rays, can greatly damage its beauty and quality.

The sector has a promising future considering the proportion of forests for wood exploitation compared to that of metal deposits, in addition to the fact that the use of wood today is a very relevant trend in architectural design.

All wood used in construction or architecture must be protected, because as being a natural element is vulnerable to the ravages of climate. This implies that specific coatings should be used to avoid contact of the surface with water, dust and other components that may affect it.

It is intended to keep woods´natural beauty, this is why there has been a growing in the application of wood lazure, environmentally friendly products, which basically meet three conditions:

– Highlight the veins and natural properties of the wood.
– They save maintenance to the maximum, lengthening the conservation cycles and avoiding previous sanding.
– They keep the wood healthy.

They are distinguished by the following characteristics:

– Open pore finish without cracking and exfoliating films. Degradation by erosion. Water permeability.
– Transparent colors. Solid to light. Protection against UV.
– Protection against biological agents (insecticides and fungicides).
– Water-repellent.
– Power of penetration.

This complexity of functions requires a large number of components in the formulations, the most important being resins (preferably acrylic copolymers), pigments, dispersants, thickeners, fungicides and insecticides, humectants, emulsions of waxes, paraffins, defoamers, coalescers and other components such as UV protective filters or corrosion inhibitors.

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