BIOPLAN 250H: Broad-spectrum surface disinfectant

Effective product against viruses of the CORONAVIRIDAE family

BIOPLAN 250H is a highly effective concentrated surface disinfectant which at low doses eliminates gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and fungi and inactivates viruses that cause disease, present in public and private health care establishments, industries, educational institutions, means of transport, offices, etc.

It is a Polyhexamethylene Guanidine Hydrochloride based disinfectant classified as not very dangerous, as shown by acute dermal and oral toxicity values. It is not allergenic, it does not irritate the skin and has no toxic effect on humans, at the recommended dose.

BIOPLAN 250H contains no chlorine, alcohol, solvents, heavy metals, aldehydes and phenols. It is not corrosive to metals and does not damage or affect any treated material. The product is stable to ultraviolet light and temperature and pH changes.

BIOPLAN 250H solutions can be applied by rubbing, spraying, immersion and fogging, depending on the surface to be treated. It is not volatile once applied.

Due to its optimal penetration level, long-acting effect and broad-spectrum activity on germs and viruses found on different surfaces, the use of BIOPLAN 250H is the best choice against commonly used industrial disinfectants.

ANMAT CERTIFICATE: RNPUD (National Registration of Household Cleaning Products) 0250010


PHMG Mode of Action:

The microbial cell envelope comprises the cytoplasmic membrane and the cell wall plus an outer membrane, if present. This cell wall provides the structural integrity of the cell and is responsible for the rigidity and shape of the cell, but its main function is to protect the internal structure from collapse by contact with the external environment.

BIOPLAN 250H bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral effect is based on the polycationic action of this polymer.

Microorganisms have a negative electric charge, often stabilized by the presence of divalent cations such as Mg2 + and Ca2 +, which is impacted by BIOPLAN 250H strong positive charges, interacting with phospholipids outside the cell’s plasma membrane and with the weak electric charge of membranes containing phosphatidylcholine, typical of eukaryotic cells. The highly cationic polymer acts on the negative charge of the cell’s outer membrane and the transmembrane, breaking it by an electrical bridge. This process results in the loss of pathogenic properties and the death of the microorganism by permeability. Changes in plasma and membrane properties can also change cell sensitivity to viruses, thus deactivating the virus.


Typical Properties:

Appearance:    Transparent liquid
pH as it is    6.0 – 8.0
Solubility     Fully soluble in water, alcohol, glycol and polar solvents


Instructions for use:

BIOPLAN 250H is used at a minimum concentration of 1% (1: 100) diluted in drinking water. The solution is prepared diluting 1 liter of product in drinking water until a 100 l solution is completed or diluting 10 cm3 in drinking water until a 1 l solution is completed.

Apply the solution on the surfaces to be treated by rubbing, spraying (frequent treatment) or fogging (air treatment) and then let it act 15 minutes.

The concentration and application method used will depend on the type and the original cleanliness of the surfaces and elements to be treated.

In DIRANSA microbiology laboratory tests are conducted to recommend the optimal dose and the most convenient form of application for each surface.

Key features/benefits of the “READY TO USE” solution:

  • High effectiveness at low concentrations and short contact time. Kills gram positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi and inactivates viruses.
  • Excellent penetration properties and long-lasting effect.
  • Easy to prepare (requires only water) and easy to apply.
  • Can be applied by spraying or fogging.
  • It is not volatile once applied.
  • Stable to ultraviolet light and temperature changes.
  • Not corrosive to metals and does not damage or affect any treated material (leather, fabrics, rubbers etc).
  • Not toxic to people who apply the product, nor to people who are present during spraying.

Warnings and precautions:

This product cannot be inhaled. Proper use is very important. It is not intended for household applications through nebulizers, humidifiers, aerosols or any other micro-spraying system that stay in prolonged or repeated direct contact with humans. This type of application must be carried out by qualified professionals with the appropriate mask protection system for handling of gaseous chemical products. Once applied, it has no adverse health effects, it is not a volatile product, it does not release any toxic by-products and it does not degrade. It is not allergenic; it does not irritate the skin.

Prepare the “READY TO USE” solution following our experts’ dosing recommendations. Do not mix with cleaning products such as detergents or bleach. BIOPLAN 250H is incompatible with anionic surfactants and strong alkalis such as sodium hypochlorite. Avoid contact of the product with the eyes and skin when preparing the solution. Do not ingest.

Disinfection by fogging must be carried out in the absence of people and the staff members doing the application must wear safety goggles and respiratory protective equipment. When they finish their work, they should wash their face and hands with soap.


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